Welcome to Lucas Garage Ltd

Lucas garage now Lucas garage ltd is the longest lasting business in Berkshire to date.

For dependable vehicle maintenance services, turn to reputable car mechanics that possess extensive qualifications. Based in Berkshire, Lucas Garage Ltd is a family-owned repair centre that provide capably services for every make and model of vehicle. Effortlessly supplying any parts necessary to complete repairs, we work with leading suppliers who produce first-class, reliable components.

Offering competitive, affordable prices, we endeavour to provide our customers with unbeatable value. Understanding the expense many garages put clients through, we work to ensure our services don’t break the bank. As members of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Motor Industry Codes of Practice, we offer trustworthy services informed by a passion for helping customers.

Contact our car mechanics today, in Berkshire, to discover the full range of vehicle maintenance services we provide.


Make sure to fulfil your legal obligation by scheduling a yearly MOT inspection. Working thoroughly, we’ll ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.


Tireless and dedicated, our qualified mechanics are capable of finding faults in an extraordinary range of vehicles. Then, we offer affordable, efficient repairs.

Competitive Rates

Whether you book our specialist solutions specifically or arrange them in addition to our general servicing, we work to ensure you receive outstanding value for your money. Costing £70 independently, our fuel cleaning systems are available for just £50 when ordered as part of another vehicle service.